Hello, RSS. Bye, Reddit

I downloaded Cold Turkey and blocked Reddit and Metafilter, two sites which I habitually browsed. (They are literally habits at this point - that’s why I’ve gone to the extent of blocking them…)

Both of these sites are social media which aim to have their communities select good content from across the web and assemble it into one long, entertaining feed - in other words, they’re content syndicators. A feed of things I enjoy is something I’d very much like. Why don’t Reddit and Metafilter fulfill that role?

I am not only uninterested but actively dislike a large portion of the content on Reddit/Metafilter, which is a strong case to quit using both platforms and find some other way to set up a feed of interesting things. RSS has no social media aspect, the only thing it asks for is a list of feeds to follow, and is entirely focused on gathering content for me to look at.

Nothing here yet.